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2019 VR Technology Trends

2019 VR Technology Trends

Those who thought the virtual reality bubble would burst can think again. 2019 is seeing VR become increasingly prevalent as it breaks ground into new areas of life. More and more people are beginning to experience the wonders of virtual reality technology. Not to mention, it has many numerous practical applications as well.

Greater Accessibility

This trend has been continuing for a while, but as 2019 rolls out we can expect to see virtual reality headsets become more affordable than ever. This means that we can expect to see more and more people jumping into the magical world of VR.

Standalone Headsets

Since its inception, one of the main issues barring many people from jumping in and adopting VR technology is the fact that the technology usually doesn’t stand-alone. Up until recently, virtual reality headsets typically needed to be attached to a high-powered computer in order to function.

In 2019, this is less and less likely to be the case. Standalone headsets like Oculus Quest will become readily available to the public and should mark a dramatic step forward for VR development as users will be able to access virtual reality technology anytime and anywhere, with no strings attached.

Virtual Reality Enhanced Travel Experiences

While many organizations are already offering virtual tours, this technology is moving closer and closer to fully immersive experiences where travellers can actually “test” out destinations before they visit. Or, they could even visit a destination vicariously through their headset.

In addition, big airlines like KLM are already testing in-flight VR technology. It looks like we can count on travel getting a whole lot more exciting in the near future.

Virtual Reality as an Educational Tool

Virtual reality promises a fully experiential and more efficient way to offer knowledge and educational institutions everywhere are taking notice of the potential.

From flight training to stimulations of medical emergencies to engineering exploits to enhancing an otherwise mundane classroom experience. There is no limit to the educational potential of VR technology. This is why we can count on this type of technology starting to show up in classrooms more and more in 2019 and the years to come.

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