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ArcadiaVR presents FreeRoam Fridays

ArcadiaVR presents FreeRoam Fridays

A $10 deal for something to do Friday nights in Kelowna. If you haven’t tried our Hyper Reality Experience do it soon. This is a 3 player shared space… allowing you to physically walk through the game. No buttons to learn and memorize, just high octane gaming that will have you back to back with your friends fighting the undead! This VR experience includes haptic guns, giving you the feeling of realistic recoil.

In the Okanagan, Hyper Reality technology is only found at Arcadia. They use sophisticated hardware that allows multiple players to walk around freely in the same game space. There are no limiting and obtrusive cables that hinder gaming experiences like some of the other arcades or video games.

Might Be the Best Entertainment in Kelowna

$10 per player. So bring two or more friends to give this a try. The players outside the booth will also have fun watching the action. They see the game projected on the walls, but the real fun is watching their playing friends’ reactions to the Zombie right behind them! We invite you to experience next-level entertainment on McCurdy Corner Kelowna at our newly renovated virtual reality lounge. There is entertainment for ages 7 and up. At this arcade you can swim with whales, climb Mt. Everest, or choose from our list of dozens of games. Racing Rigs have full motion simulators so you can take to the streets in the car of your dreams. Virtual reality is not just games but experiences that hijack your senses. Step out of your reality and into ours!

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