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Different Types of VR Technology

Different Types of VR Technology

Most people already know or at least have an idea of what virtual reality is capable of in the world of gaming, even if they haven’t yet had the chance to try this out-of-this-world technology for themselves yet.

However, did you know that virtual reality is already being put to great use in many applications outside of the world of gaming as well?

Main Types of Virtual Reality Technology

1. Non-Immersive Systems

Non-Immersive VR technology is one of the most accessible and inexpensive ways to get a taste of virtual reality. However, the downside is that, as the name implies, it is the least immersive type of VR experience out there.

The good news is that all non-immersive systems require to run is a standard high-resolution monitor. This means that they work with laptop computers, or television screens, for example, and can be interacted with through a standard keyboard. This type of technology has been in use for a while in the form of flight simulators or other educational tools. VR has recently also been making its mark on the music video world, often through the use of the non-immersive format.

2. Fully Immersive Systems

This is the type of systems that most people think about when they think about VR. Use a headset, sensory gloves, and a powerful computer base to project fully immersive imaginary worlds into the user’s headset. The user is free to interact bodily with their environment with the help of the sensory gloves.

This type of technology is best known in the world of gaming but has many practical uses as well.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality simply refers to the overlay of a virtual world with onto the world around us. When used with headsets, the potential for this type of platform is endless: walking doctors through complicated surgeries, providing museum maps and supplementary information, and using visual tools to allow designers to actually see what something will look like before they make it, just to name a few applications.

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