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How Young Adults Party… an evening at Arcadia Virtual Reality Lounge

How Young Adults Party… an evening at Arcadia Virtual Reality Lounge

The ‘post-millennial’ generation is now age 6 to 21. These youth may be the most diverse and digital generation. These computer-savvy kids would have been 10 when the iPhone was introduced, but most remember landlines. They grew up with online entertainment and virtual reality is likely an exciting part of life now. There are many generations who are serious gamers and who are frequent visitors to VR Arcades. These bright children and adults are perhaps more health and safety savvy too. They often choose fun activities (dry / without alcohol or drugs). They find vr to be out-of-this-world entertainment… to relax them; or, to get adrenaline pumping. Some come to learn new skills or study the world by visiting places and famous venues or time periods. Virtual reality fits the model for Millenials getting together to hang-out. Those who want vintage arcade games, Arcadia has it. For those with a need for speed, the racing rigs are popular. Hundreds of virtual reality (vr) game choice offer endless entertainment for groups of children and educated young adults.


Soccer practice in Kelowna. So many leagues competing for field space in the winter and spring. Practice your soccer goaltending skills in GoalkeepVR. Master all 8 different modes and watch as your skill level improves. This is a great game for all ages.


For beginners or those hoping for a NBA career, it is a fun night out to practice basketball free-throws. At Arcadia you can get in this basketball simulator and play basketball. Shoot hoops naturally, like you would on a real court. Play solo, with friends or compete online.


Playing is a simple concept but you will get a workout in the virtual-workout! There are increasingly difficult A.I. opponents to play with. Smash the ball back and forth between yourself and a computer generated opponent. It is much like playing racquetball or tennis. This iconic sports arcade arena adapts, meaning the more room you have, the more space you have to defend. Arcadia offers enough space for you to have the game of our life!

Multiplayer Creed: Rise to Glory:

Fight toe-to-toe with the world’s top boxers. This intense experience features new technology for life-like combat. Train, fight, and win along with famous boxers like Creed. Have you been thinking or signing up for martial arts or boxing lessons in Kelowna? Maybe come try it at Arcadia on McCurdy Corner.

Suit Up for Fun:

Go to outer space or under water scuba diving. Don your favourite super-hero’s costume and simulate special skills. Some vr games are just for a laugh. For example, suit up for the role of an imaginary, half-baked superhero in this casual, cross platform VR shooter. Battle solo, online or versus friends in intense free-movement action!

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