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Most Memorable Date Night

Most Memorable Date Night

When you and your sweetheart are wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day (or any evening), how about you try something completely amazing: virtual reality games.

What to do on date night in the Okanagan

We like the subdued lighting and comfort at Arcadia VR lounge. It has the vibe of a martini bar with its swivel stools gathered around the central island. Relax, watch others play, and decide if you and your date would like to be in the same (or different) virtual world.

McCurdy Corner also offers the Landmark Grand 10 Theatres, McCurdy Bowling Centre, Freddy’s Brewpub and Tang Dynasty Chinese Food. There are a few other choices to eat and some shops to browse. This location really offers your date lots of choices.

At Arcadia two person games are popular. The vr lounge and arcade is a great date night. Most often two people will take a vr booth each so they can travel virtually any where on Google Earth, and choose the sport or game that interests them most. For first-time players the staff at Arcadia VR Lounge will walk you through an orientation and suggest different scenarios to try with the vr goggles and controls. Some couples choose to play together in the Hyper Reality booth. When you team together to kill zombies, you two will have something to talk about for days! You have the choice of trying several things for 15 minutes each or immersing yourself in an alternate world for an hour or two. On date night, stop by Arcadia and see the Racing Rigs and our list of virtual experiences and games. Even if just one of you dons the goggles it is super fun. The other will be able to sit and watch the action on a screen outside the booth.

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