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Need a Birthday idea?

Need a Birthday idea?

Teenagers are hard to buy for. Finding something that will impress them is hard – or, what they want is way expensive! VR gaming, racing, or exploring is active, fun and an experience the whole family love doing. Arcadia offers gift cards in any amount. Virtual reality is also one of the top trending places for birthday parties. Arcadia VR Lounge (near Grand 10 Theatre) is good clean fun for teens. Affordable entertainment, for sure!


Buying gifts for teens is difficult; and birthdays for ages 12-22 are a challenge. Parents love that ‘aha moment’ when a brilliant idea for a gift strikes them, something that is new and surprising to give on teen birthdays.

Trending: Parents buy time-slots at Kelowna’s Hyper-Reality Booth: and, in a snap, their gift (and maybe party venue) is taken care of. Its an environment where kids love to meet and spend time. Somewhere movement and mingling is encouraged. “My friends and I had a blast slaying Orcs and dragons. We were in the game together!”. Many youth want a unique experience instead of the usual pile of birthday stuff. Have you noticed so many often forget about their gift shortly after the birthday party? One parent said about VR, “He’ll remember this birthday forever, so glad I did the virtual reality booth rental for the birthday boy”.

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A present can be a ‘milestone experience’… a gift they’ll remember for a long time. Examples of these bucket-list activities may be a zip line trip, play-off game tickets, or a fun night out doing extreme gaming with technology everyone should try. Right here in the Okanagan check out something ‘a step up’ from reality (lol) … Hyper Reality! Overheard teen son to mom: “Shooting zombies with my friends was the best birthday ever!”

Parents are often surprised, but thrilled, to learn virtual reality (unlike traditional gaming) is active … and actually educational. VR is an all-in-one-thrill where you can physically participate in the game; whether it be a fierce battle or calm travel exploration. Remember Star Trek’s holo deck, it transported anyone to their perfect environment. VR can take you away to another time and place. Children ages 8 to 18 will be the ‘coolest kid in the class’ when they invite their friends to Arcadia… but if you can’t use Arcadia on the special day consider gift cards for active, out of this world fun.

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