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New Fun For 55+: Armchair Travel, Sports and More…

New Fun For 55+: Armchair Travel, Sports and More…

Retired or not, boomers are looking for new activities. Now that this over-50-crowd has time and more disposable income; Virtual Reality is something new they can try for a hobby or date night. “Once you put on the virtual reality headsets and googles, you can completely immerse yourself in new worlds” commented Erik Madsen, owner/operator of Arcadia, a family-owned arcade that has some of the most sophisticated vr systems in the world.

Take a Virtual Vacation

Virtual Reality Lounges are popping up across the country and fit the criteria for many. No expensive food or drinks, but an active and fun pass time. VR doesn’t take physical strength or stamina. At the same time Virtual Reality can be a workout. Mostly VR lounges are an exciting place to meet friends. But never underestimate time alone, wondering through a museum in the VR googles… or racing through the streets of Monte Carlo in virtual race cars with full motion simulators. Get some quality me-time in a VR booth. Besides fantasy lives, VR experiences include travelling to new countries, to outer space or to the ocean floor. VR is educational and the next best thing to travelling to exotic locations. Explore the Louvre or other iconic venues without leaving Kelowna. These days many like to avoid air travel and the long security lines… so virtual reality ‘holidays’ are getting more popular. Want to get to a beach in the winter… stop by McCurdy Corner in a snowstorm and place yourself in a tropical atmosphere. Remember Star Trek’s virtual reality booth in the 70’s television show? Now you can replicate Captain Kirk’s Holodeck, and take a break from your hectic schedule doing things for others. Relax and recharge in one of our large, private vr booths.

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