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The Fun of VR

There’s been a lot about virtual reality (VR) in the past years. Have you ever found yourself wondering what the big deal is? If so, you are not alone. Studies suggest that only 10% of Canadians have even used a VR headset, let alone had a chance to fully kick back and enjoy all the…

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Playing VR Games with Friends

Playing VR with friends is an unforgettable experience that everybody should try at least once. That said, even if you know the unimaginable wonders that virtual reality has in store, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get friends and family on board. VR is still relatively new, and sometimes it can take people…

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Different Types of VR Technology

Most people already know or at least have an idea of what virtual reality is capable of in the world of gaming, even if they haven’t yet had the chance to try this out-of-this-world technology for themselves yet. However, did you know that virtual reality is already being put to great use in many applications…

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What is VR?

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality (VR) involves using computer technology to create a simulated realistic environment. What sets virtual reality apartment from other types of entertainment is that users are fully immersed in the visual experience. For example, when you play a video game, you simply use a controller to interact with a screen.…

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Different Types of VR Games

VR might be an immersive experience, but the kind of fully encompassing adventure you want to engage in is your choice. Even though it is a newly emerging technology there are already a ton of different VR genres to choose from when it comes to games. Here are some of the most popular ones: Action…

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2019 VR Technology Trends

Those who thought the virtual reality bubble would burst can think again. 2019 is seeing VR become increasingly prevalent as it breaks ground into new areas of life. More and more people are beginning to experience the wonders of virtual reality technology. Not to mention, it has many numerous practical applications as well. Greater Accessibility…