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VR in Popular Media

VR in Popular Media

Virtual reality is slowly but surely making its mark on contemporary culture and media. It is a great and innovative way to immerse ourselves into storytelling in ways that have never been done before. Since on the rise, VR is mostly associated with video games but there are other areas it is branching out into. Research indicates that the hardware revenues from virtual reality headsets and related equipment will reach over $50 billion by the year 2021! This is a testament to how much virtual reality will be implemented in everyday life. 

Other than VR being used for medical study and even early childhood education, there are various forms of it in popular media. It can be used in any setting that is cinematic – which can really be just about any location! The way it is used in different media outlets can be pretty cool and creative. If you are just itching to experience what it’s like sitting front row at a high-end fashion show, VR has the technology to let you do it! Here is a deeper look into where VR has been seen in pop culture. 


It’s still uncommon to see a motion picture advertised as an all inclusive VR experience, but many films today are integrating it in small ways. New movies are using VR as a promotional measure. This includes releasing trailers or short films using virtual reality to create buzz and expand the way we look at movies. With headsets and VR gear becoming more affordable for home use, the experience is accessible for just about anyone. Also, VR film festivals are slowly becoming more popular. This is a great way for filmmakers to experiment with new technology for our entertainment.

Movies showcasing at VR film festivals are not the typical length of your average movie, most of them are short films or divided into series. Why is that? Because VR can be intense (especially if you are experiencing a setting that is unfamiliar), it needs to be endured in only “bite-sized” time frames. What’s great about VR being used in movies is that it’s never a dull moment. You can watch the same trailer or short movie countless times and see something different on every occasion because of its 360 degree feature. 


Technology is always evolving in music, especially in post-production. There are now ways to edit recordings right from your own home computer that sounds like your were in the studio for days. The way we stream music is always changing as well. We can listen to music straight from our smartphone and continue the same song straight from our car without skipping a beat. So, where does this leave VR in the world of music? Between all the types of popular media, music is the one subject that is only beginning to venture out. The global music revenue to date is estimated at $17 billion, and only $800,000 is accounted for consumer VR content. That’s a small piece of the pie! Regardless, this means that virtual reality is still used in music today. 

Where can we find VR in music? It is actually found in live music. For example, MelodyVR is one of the largest libraries containing virtual reality music content. They have a licensing agreement with some of the biggest record labels in the world. If you have ever missed a concert that you just had to experience, you still have that chance! It’s all about building deeper connections between the artists we love and how we experience their music, no matter where we are in the world. Similar to VR in movies, it is actually being implemented in music videos as well. Many contemporary musicians are using the technology to further expand their artistry. This works perfectly because music videos are only a few minutes long, meaning that the potency of visuals are not too overbearing. 

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