What is VR?

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) involves using computer technology to create a simulated realistic environment. What sets virtual reality apartment from other types of entertainment is that users are fully immersed in the visual experience.

For example, when you play a video game, you simply use a controller to interact with a screen. However, virtual reality allows users to actually be a part of a fully-formed three dimension environment, while having the ability to interact with the artificial world that they are fully involved in.

The term “virtual” is used to refer to an experience that is near reality. Thus it is called “virtual reality” to imply that the experience is almost-like reality. The best part of virtual reality is that there is really no end to the number of worlds that can be created or how we interact with them. It truly is a space of limitless potential.

3 Defining Characteristics

Making Use of the Senses

One of the defining characteristics of a VR experience is the way that the genius creators of these virtual worlds challenge users. Players are encouraged to make use of all of their senses in a way that goes above and beyond traditional gaming experiences.

For example, VR experiences will often engage many sense organs simultaneously, including our sense of balance in a way that is like nothing else most people have ever experienced. In addition, users are often challenged to respond to audio cues as well as classic visual cues.

Since users respond with their physical bodies rather than through an interface like a controller, VR provides a sensual experience that is well beyond anything earlier forms of technology can offer.


In order to effectively simulate reality,computer-generated VR environments need to allow people to change their perspective depending on where they stand, so to speak. This means that as users move their body, the world will shift and evolve according to their movement patterns.


Another defining characteristic of VR is that it transports users to worlds that are designed to be explored. This means that VR worlds tend to be large and detailed enough that people can actually continue to discover many layers that will unfold as they interact with it.

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